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Black Mesh bodysuit

95% Polyester 5%spandex


  • (Wash Separately)  OR
  • (Professional Dry Clean)


40.00CAD each 1 item in stock Product details

Free -size Loose fitting top

Free size loose fitting top with batman sleeves and frilled elasticated neck.This top is made of embossed lace print.

*Please note:This top can be styled in various ways. (see images for inspiration)

  • Fits sizes S-XL
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Mosadi Bodycon Skirt

This Mosadi bodycon skirt is made to meet your need of comfort,fit and is made of thick lycra spandex fabric with a 3D embossed texture.

  • Please note: Each piece has a unique print on the waistline(different print layout on the waistline). 
  • Size 8/10 fits"Waist 30-32inches,hip 32-36inches
  • Size 12 fits"Waist 34-38inches,hip 36-40nches
  • Size 14 fits"Waist 38-40inches,hip 40-44inches
  • Size 16/18 fits"Waist 46-50,hip 50-58inches


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Faux leather pants with fleece lining

 These pants/leggings are True to size with fleece lining to keep you warm 

95%Polyester and 5%Spandex



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Mbali Wool coat

This wool woven coat with heavy woven wool lining is designed to keep you warm and comfortable.

  • Two side pockets to keep your hands warm during cold temperatures
  • inside pocket for your wallet,keys,cell-phone and more
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This collection is a piece of home.l was inspired by my African background,so it was important to incorporate the vibrant colors and energy into my designs.This is for the culture and its strong women.The women who have mastered themselves.The ones who can stand adversity and are equipped with ancestral wisdom.

The ones who are not afraid to stand out in a crowd.The ones who believe that dreams do come true.The ones who love their flaws.The ones who keep their faces to the sunshine.

The ones who have Power to turn wounds into wisdom.

That is AMANDLA!

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Available in 3 complementary colors;

  • Mustard yellow
  • Deep mustard
  • Khakhi

Pick one or all of them!

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Irreplaceable,you will never fine none like this one of a kind jacket.

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  • Richly colored and cozy.
  • A mix of woven wool and African print


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Christmas Cheer T-shirt


80% cotton,20% polyester



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Deep Blue dress (Belt not included)

Limited edition! sophisticated  deep blue dress with fabric made from soft poly lycra spandex and 5%cotton.This dress is designed for all occasions.

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Burgundy dress

Soft Poly Lycra spandex with 5% cotton.This dress is tailor made just for you!


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2 in 1 Ankara one shoulder Top/Skirt(One size fits all)

This skirt can be worn as a is such a playful piece.

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